Zero Sum

By The Editors
November 6, 2013 9:00 am

Secret to big profits in the arms trade?

Sell to both sides.

At least that’s the biz strategy at Zero Motorcycles, peddlers to the 5-0 and the armed forces, and now making their stealthy line of electric motorbikes available to the everyday Jake.

Zero’s bikes are built for range, power and drawing attention with devilish good looks — no engine noise here.

Their rides feature 106 ft-lb of torque for sudden, noiseless escapes and hot, silent pursuits over any terrain.

Or, you know, zipping out to Marin for a bowl of chowder.

Standard, Zeros top out at 102 MPH, doing zero-to-sixty in four seconds with a range of up to 105 miles, but an optional upgrade can push that.

Plus there’s no gearing between the throttle and the wheel.

And because it’s the future, you can fine-tune your performance with an iPhone app.

Just watch your six if you’re up to no good. John Law might be quieter than you think.

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