Shirting the Issues

By The Editors
July 30, 2013 9:00 am

In matters of style, little makes a man as handsome as a well-tailored shirt, but little makes a man cringe like making time for his tailor.

Enter Trumaker & Co., keeping your shirt library stocked with fresh, made-to-measure tops with none of the tailoring time-sink, thanks to their highly mobile fleet of outfitters.

Founded by brand vets from the likes of Bonobos and Levi’s, Trumaker’s system is simple. You make an appointment; they send a resident sartorialist your way – measuring tape in hand – to consult on your first order.

Total time: 15 minutes. Beat that in the Financial District.

A few weeks later, you’re rolling in the chambray (or, you know, fabric of your choice).

Order from your outfitter at any time after your initial consultation, saving yourself the typical anxiety of ordering clothes because A) they already have your digits, and B) their catalogue reads like a wine list: rich with tactile descriptors and pro-tips like “Looks expert under a blue blazer” or “This works over broken-in chinos.”

Looking good and making good time never dovetailed so nicely.

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