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Triple Threat

Triple Aught Design: Tools for survival

  • 06 December 2013

When things take a turn for the worse in the backcountry, the difference between life and death usually comes down to fire.

And like The Boss says, you can’t start a fire without a spark.

Providing that spark: survival gear from Triple Aught Design at their mammoth new Base Location in the Dogpatch, opening tomorrow.

TAD makes and supplies mission-capable survival tools. Gear that doesn’t fail, whether it’s deployed on the battlefield or the weekend hiking trip.

The sort of tools you want when your life depends on it.

That spark, for instance, and everything else you’ll need to get a fire crackling — including the hatchet.

For the curious, the maker of that beauty – Joseph Bowen – will be on hand opening day to give tips and hawk his wares.

Also on hand: a modicum of TAD’s perpetually sold-out Dauntless MK3:G10 folding knives.

And because possession is only nine-tenths of the law, the Base Location will be firing up community training programs in the new year for everything from equipment maintenance to wilderness medicine to urban survival.

No dancing in the dark, though. Not officially anyway.

The Specifics

Triple Aught Design

Grand opening at 9am this Saturday
660 22nd Street
at 3rd

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