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Jerky Boys

Third Rail: Top-shelf cocktails and gourmet jerky

  • 13 December 2013

Kale. Sprouts. Ramps.

They have their place, we’re told, but that place won't be your stomach.

Instead, you’re going to Third Rail, the swanky, train station-themed newcomer to The Dogpatch from the team behind Range, open now.

On tap: hard beverages and house-dried, churched-up jerky for the steel-driving man.

We’re not talking Jerky Links. This is the Big Leagues, with best-of-breed beef, pork and – yes – even vegetarian offerings.

And since this may be your first pinkies-out jerky experience, we recommend these pairings — because jerky pairings are a thing now.

• Team the standout Jerk Jerky (beef, cloves and Scotch bonnet peppers) with the Cloven Hoof, a rummy offering with armagnac and madeira.

• For the bittersweet, temper the chile 'n' coffee-infused Red Eye jerky with a smoky Vodka and pomegranate Sweet Thang.

• Beer? Go Belgian, with Red Barn Ale, on tap from the the SoCal brewers at Lost Abbey. It plays perfectly with the Landjagger — pork, beef and mustard seed to set that saison off in style.

So gnash away, hombre. Incisors and canines, only, though.

No greens on this plate.

The Specifics

Third Rail

628 20th Street
at 3rd
(415) 252-7966
Open 3pm to 2am every day.

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