These Running Shorts Are Smarter Than a Fifth Grader

It's all about the pockets.

August 22, 2016 9:00 am

There are few things more paramount to athletics lore than pulling on a cotton T, a pair of shorts and some old tennies and logging 10 miles. See: that montage at the two-thirds point of every sports movie ever.

And that’s all you needed … if you were living/starring in Richard Linklater’s version of the ’80s, before the advent of performance textiles. 

And if you don’t mind chafing. And jogging in sweat-soaked clothes. And fidgeting with your phone and keys the whole time wishing you had a better place to store them.

There’s a better way. 

Take, for instance, these TrueREVO shorts, currently being Kickstarted

They’re billed as “the world’s best running shorts.” 

Not having tried all of the world’s other running shorts, we’re not prepared to go that far. That said, there are some keys aspects here we like. 

For starters, they’re made to accommodate your personal effects. If you haven’t used a pocket in a compression underlayer for storing your phone, you’re doing it wrong, or at least less comfortably than you otherwise might. 

And there’s a built-in earphone hole to accommodate your wires — required until we all upgrade to those new iPhones. Another pocket in the back stores keys away from your phone’s screen.


And then you’ve got your standard ingredients, like reflective details,  contrast stitching and performance-minded fabrics that tamp down odors and provide four-way stretch. 

Why not position yourself for superior results? 

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