Super Rugged Jeans. Super Fair Price.

Japanese denim at a discount.

By The Editors
September 18, 2015 9:00 am

San Francisco: a place where people congregate to improve things, from hoodies to showerheads to real-time cookie delivery.

Often, these things are things we do not need.

But sometimes, these things are jeans. Perfect jeans.

They’re called RPMWEST #2: Limited Edition, and you can reserve a pair right now.

San Francisco, being a city of connoisseurs, has no shortage of smart denim shops.

Said shops, though, generally sell premium brands at premium prices.

RPMWEST sells essentially that same quality — Japanese, sanforized, selvedge denim — at under $100.

If you can find cheaper, better jeans: buy them.

(Don’t do that thing where you don’t like the thing that’s less expensive than the other thing, even if they’re materially indistinguishable. Things are cheaper when there’s no markup in the middle. There’s a chart.)

Why buy fancy denim like this to begin with?

Break them in right and they’ll ride like a second skin.

Your very own denim signature, if you will.

And now you can get all that for one-third of the price you’ll see elsewhere.

Hop on this; sales close on Sunday.

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