12 Superior Super Bowl Delivery Options in the Bay Area

We’ve calibrated your delivery order according to your level of gameday hype

12 Superior Super Bowl Delivery Options in the Bay Area

You don’t have to understand football — or even enjoy it — to watch the Super Bowl. In fact, we’d argue that there’s an inverse relationship between the sophistication of the game commentary and the sophistication of the ideal meal spread.

Below, we’ve calibrated 12 delivery orders according to you and your viewing party/quarantine pod’s approximate level of football knowledge,  as described by the commentary most likely to be uttered in front of your TV screen.

Football neophytes can get the complicated food, while we’re sending the experts among us traditional grab ‘n’ go grub that won’t distract from the game. 


“So Tom Brady’s not playing for New England anymore?” 

When you need a Super Bowl spread with a Michelin pedigree (because you’re meh about the game), there’s Accarrino’s at SPQR, which offers hot and cold dishes like fancy potato skins (with Montasio cheese and black truffles), fancy mac ‘n’ cheese (with Dungeness crab!), and fancy short ribs (with Urfa pepper). Available via Tock.

Also consider: Wings and trout rillette (and cocktails) at True Laurel; Peruvian fare (specifically: empanadas) from La Mar.


“Did you know that this is the first time ever a Super Bowl team has played at a stadium in their home state?”

For the enthusiastic novice, we have Ernest’s wings with fancy accoutrements, like allium dip (with trout roe) and jidori deviled eggs — in other words, something interesting to contemplate when game-interest fades. Available via Tock

Also consider: Vegetarian (if desired) Indian at Ritu; lobster rolls and truffle fries from Alexander’s Steakhouse.


“If Brady wins this game, he ends the GOAT debate — Mahomes can never catch him.” 

Birdsong has a fairly spectacular array of chicken dishes, including a Birdsong for 1 if you’re podding alone (comes with a quarter chicken, cornbread, raging falcon hot sauce, and a cookie). Otherwise, consider the tenders and drumsticks and a 7-oz. bottle of that spectacular sauce (with hot red peppers, garlic, salt, pink peppercorn, vinegar, and spruce tip miso). Available via Tock

Also consider: Wings, pizza, and cocktails from Charmaine’s/Villon; wings and pizza from Sunset Square.

Saison Smokehouse

“This game is going to come down to the play in the trenches — the Bucs are going to win this game if they can pressure Mahomes consistently.”

For the real fans among us, there’s one option: the spectacular wing assortment at Saison Smokehouse. The buffalo wing menu there offers ember-grilled wings with sauces like Szechuan spice; yuzu, garlic, and honey; red chilis and coconut; and more. Available via Tock.
Also consider: wings and sliders at Alto Vino; wings and jollof rice at Eko.


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