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Oakland Surf Club: now online

  • 13 August 2013

Summer in SF. You know as well as anyone: if you want California weather, you’re crossing a bridge to find it.

Except sometimes, what’s across the bridge comes to you.

To wit: Oakland Surf Club, now available online.

Oaktown's off-Broadway answer to all questions surf (not to mention their righteous upstairs gallery), OSC just launched a webshop peddling all the gear you formerly had to BART to.

You'll find bright beach-print shirts from AMBSN and Aloha Sunday, trunks and chinos by RVCA and an enviable collection of boards. You know: for surfing.

And what you lose in ambiance, you more than gain back in convenience and time saved.

Plus they've stocked a few zines and art pieces to restore the laid-back OSC vibe you'll find in their brick-and-mortar outlet across the Bay.

But unlike the shop, the online store is open Sundays.

There you have it: the best of Oakland, without all the going-to-Oakland.

The Specifics

Oakland Surf Club

Shop Online or in person

337 14th St., Oakland
Between Webster and Harrison

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