Never Fight Over a Campsite Again

… Because the entire campsite is yours.

By The Editors
July 20, 2015 9:00 am

“Airbnb for campsites.”

When Hipcamp launched last year, the comparison was inevitable.

But also … erroneous. It’s more of a Kayak for campsites: entirely peer-to-peer-less.

Until today:

Introducing Land Sharing by Hipcamp, a new program that allows private landowners (who own 60% of these here United States, mind you) to loan their land to intrepid campers for the night.

In other words: Airbnb for campsites. For real this time.

Got a spare vineyard?


Particularly beguiling patch of ground?

Starting now, you can offer that land up to prospective “renters.”

Even better, you can reserve it — and set up camp in land newly released to public consumption.

It’s a potential game-changer — especially in the context of our always-booked parks situation.

A few selects:

Mill Pond Camp
This lily-pad-covered pond in Mendocino is part Monet painting, part bullfrog symphony space.

Liberty Cabin at Oz Farm
Natural environment, with creature comforts (like beds) enough for a finicky family of five. You’ll find it in a cypress grove in the hills near Point Arena.

Heart of the Wild Camp
A meadow big enough to sleep 15, with serious amenities: toilets, bundled firewood (for sale) and “the only swimmable pond in the Big Sur area,” as well as immediate proximity to the redwoods.

The range of wild accommodations is only going to get bigger.

But we say: Get in now, while the getting’s still good.

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