The $69 Luxury Watch

Consider it Warby Parker for your wrist.

By The Editors
January 27, 2015 9:00 am

For some, wearing a watch is like wearing your net worth on your wrist.

For others, wearing a watch is like, y’know, just wearing a watch. Somewhere dramatically below haute wristwear, but comfortably above Happy Meal novelty. 

And for those guys, there’s Havok.

Havok wants to be the Everlane of watches.

Back their Kickstarter at $69, and their “brown classic” is yours. Leather strap. White face. Seiko movements. Diameter of 39mm.

They’re handsome. If you want a functional piece that plays well at work and on the weekends, Havok will hunt.

That said, Havok’s goal may sound familiar: “disrupt” the luxury watch market. With these materials, Havok is really only “disrupting” the low-end quartz-movement market.

But they’re handsome and they work. ‘Nuff said.

And while we enjoy a good moonphase or 18k white-gold case, your correspondent has been to meetings with the guy wearing that on his wrist — it failed to make up for his lack of élan.

Havok is the watch for the guy whose ideas don’t need (or want) the assist.

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