Wild Nights

By The Editors
August 12, 2013 9:00 am

Fellas, a lesson on cologne, courtesy of the transitive property.


If women like men who smell good…

And the woods smell really good …

Then women must like men who smell like the woods. That’s just math.

And this is just the proof: Backpacker’s Cologne, from SF’s own Juniper Ridge, available now.

Juniper’s been in the cologne game for 15 years, and they source their scents the all-natural way: by foraging – with machetes – all over backcountry California.

The Backpacker’s collection comprises their latest pair of eaus de forest: the conifer-based Siskiyou and cedar redolent Caruthers Canyon.

No artificial ingredients. No factory science. So it’s like dabbing a little Klamath Forest or a dash of Mojave on your neck.

Science tells us there’s no better trigger for attraction than a scent attached to positive memories — camping and hiking being chief among the things San Franciscans are wont to feel positive about.

Which brings us back to basic math. One plus one. Plus a tent.

That equals two happy campers.

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