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Wild Nights

Juniper Ridge bottles nature’s best scents

  • 12 August 2013

Fellas, a lesson on cologne, courtesy of the transitive property.


If women like men who smell good...

And the woods smell really good ...

Then women must like men who smell like the woods. That’s just math.

And this is just the proof: Backpacker's Cologne, from SF’s own Juniper Ridge, available now.

Backpacker's CologneJuniper’s been in the cologne game for 15 years, and they source their scents the all-natural way: by foraging – with machetes – all over backcountry California.

The Backpacker's collection comprises their latest pair of eaus de forest: the conifer-based Siskiyou and cedar redolent Caruthers Canyon.

No artificial ingredients. No factory science. So it's like dabbing a little Klamath Forest or a dash of Mojave on your neck.

Science tells us there's no better trigger for attraction than a scent attached to positive memories — camping and hiking being chief among the things San Franciscans are wont to feel positive about.

Which brings us back to basic math. One plus one. Plus a tent.

That equals two happy campers.

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