A Punch Card for Free Drinks at SF’s Best Bars, Basically

Welcome, Hooch. The pleasure is really all ours.

November 23, 2016 9:00 am

Forget Black Friday. 

We’ve got the deal of the week right here. 

Imagine a world in which you could drink a new drink, every night, at a different bar, for the cost of less than a paperback book. 

(Estimated paperback book cost: $12.) 

Give a warm welcome to Hooch, debuting in San Francisco today. 

Now, we’re as suspicious of a seemingly good deal as the next person. 

If it’s so great, why’s it on sale, buddy? 

After some reflection, though, we can’t find a downside here — and, in fact, totally get the upside. 

Sign up with Hooch, at $9.99 a month. For lots of us, that’s roughly equivalent to our Starbucks/juice/artisanal water budget. For an afternoon. Then, every day, you’ll get an invite to a different bar — as well as a cocktail on the house. 

Bars win because getting a new customer in the door is easily worth the cost of a free drink. Hooch wins because … well, we’re sure there’s a percentage in there for them, somewhere.  And we win because free drinking, at new places, is an undeniably good thing. 

We say stay away from the mall this weekend. And instead grab a chair, and a drink. 


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