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Silvercar: Audi A4s at your beck and call

  • 07 October 2013

Renting a car should be like using an ATM.

Stick card in, car comes out.

Instead: lines. Paperwork. And worst of all, yawn-worthy whips.

Bringing you the ATM experience: Silvercar, a just-launched rental service with a stable of silver Audi A4s — nothing more, nothing less — on-demand and ready to drive.

This is the rental service you’ll use next time you’re at LAX or SFO, where they currently rent (and Houston, if you’ve got that oil money).

Simply reserve your car via Silvercar’s app, which also lets you unlock your car.

Check-in when you land and a Silvercar rep’ll be waiting to drive you to your ride, which comes with free GPS, WiFi and satellite radio. When you’re done, just park the Audi in the automated lot (like Zipcar).

Even the refueling's handled in-house, with a smart tank and local gas prices.

You never need consider a Chevy Aveo again.

Nota bene: Enter the code InsideHookSFO for an introductory price break.

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Download and go.

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