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Short Order

Edgevale: crisp summer workwear

  • 08 May 2014

Turns out it’s been warm lately. Go figure.

Time to talk shorts.

Time to talk Edgevale, a new label out of Oakland (where the sun lives) that’s doing 'em right — now shipping.

Edgevale just released their 'summer' collection (their quotes, not ours, but we don’t disagree).

The centerpiece is the Yonder Short.

It stops just above the knee and has a fit that strikes a solid balance between trim lines and room to move.

Pair it with the Elko summer twill or a tee and you're set for a day-hike to Muir Beach.

Or a tall-boy in the park.

The entire line is American made and built from best-of-breed textiles — talking primo duck cotton canvas and mid-weight Japanese twill.

So suit up.

This warming trend's just getting started.

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