Go Ballistic

By The Editors
October 28, 2013 9:00 am

The messenger bag. It distributes weight like a boss and you can wear it with ease in a crowded train — but for all of its virtues, the vice of cartoonish colors and juvenile styling have kept it off many a man’s back.

Enter BLCKCHRM, an attractive compromise from the hometown bagmen at Chrome — you know, the seatbelt buckle guys.

More message than messenger, the new line dispenses with the fixie-friendly clown paint of old as easily as it dispenses with vowels, and it brings some new material to the table, too.

Stuff’s called Hypalon, a high-end neoprene replacement crafted at the behest of the Coast Guard for use in making their rescue raft hulls.

Meaning it’s strong.

In addition to being waterproof, BLCKCHRM bags are bombproof. While the same may not be true of you, it could save your back bacon in a bike wreck and survive to tell the tale.

In addition to the classic Citizen messenger, the BLCKCHRM lineup includes:

The Bravo rolltop

And the WWII-inspired Sotnik duffel.

Message delivered. The messenger bag is all grown up.

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