An Honest, Hard-Working Jacket for Honest, Hard-Working Men

Replace your windbreaker with Route 16’s spring coach jacket

By The Editors
April 18, 2016 9:00 am

At a certain age, nylon’s just not gonna cut it.

That age: 16.

Unless you’re actually competing in a near-term athletic event, a cool spring day requires an upgrade.

Consider the coach jacket. Specifically, this coach jacket — a perfect model of the form from Benny Gold San Francisco.

It’s made of cotton.

Not a newly birthed “fabric” created by scientists in an underground lab to solve 18 problems — wicking, drying, cooling, moisturizing, SPFing, etc. — all at once.

Because sometimes you want your jacket’s mechanics to be less complicated than your car’s.

Elsewhere, it’s a Goldilocks-ian blend of pleasing color (we like the tan), shape (slightly boxy) and use-case (going about your business, comfortably and in style.)

It is also a bargain, at a hair under $100.

Your last Saturday-night Uber cost more than that.

The jacket is the flagship of Benny Gold’s new Route 16 collection, a tight edit of Americana-inspired goods that also includes a solid tee in three colors and a wanderlust-positive snapback.

Simple staples for a man who’s anything but.

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