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Green Acre

ACRE: All-weather cycling gear for trail or road

  • 23 October 2013

If you, humble cyclist, wish to reach Quicksilver-like levels of comfort and style while riding, you’re gonna have to abandon everyday streetwear.

And because only Kevin Bacon looks good pedaling in a vest and beret, there’s ACRE — new trail-cycling gear from Mission Workshop, available now.

Appropriate for the city and the pine-cone'd hinterlands, ACRE’s new gear includes these natty pieces:

The lightweight, hydrophobic and monsoon-appropriate Meridian jacket. Allows full range of motion and looks good on the job.

Their District henley. Wool. Trim fit. Odor repellent. The perfect shirt for a weekend on the trail — snapshot ops and not a shower in sight.

And because bags is what MW does best: the Hauser. Fully waterproof and plays nice with every hydration bladder under the sun — the agile centerpiece to your sartorial survival plan.

So get off the track — the beaten one at least.

The Specifics


See the line at:

Mission Workshop

40 Rondel Place

off 16th at Valencia

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