How to Talk to Your Barber Like a Man

A cheat-sheet for spring haircuts.

By The Editors
April 23, 2015 9:00 am

Talking to your barber can be tough. To make sure you’re not the guy hearing the words “at least it’ll grow back,” we quizzed three of S.F.’s best on exactly what to say when you’re looking for the season’s top cuts.

The Beckham [See more photos]

Dan Diemidio, Fellow Barber: “Ask for a number two or three [clipper size] on the sides, blended high into a scissor cut on the top. Ask for lots of texture and tapered around the sides.”

To style: “Straight from the shower, towel dry your hair until just damp. Apply a base cream [like Fellow Barber’s] and comb thoroughly through your hair. Put your part in place by combing all your hair forward and over. Then, using the comb, lift the front of your hair upwards and back.”

Blow dry, dry pomade, comb through again, done. 

Dan Diemidio
Fellow Barber SF, (415) 621-9000

The Slattery [See more photos]

Aidan Brogan, Brogan and Son: “When it comes to describing a haircut to your barber, less is more. Ask for a classic businessmen’s haircut, tapered at the back and clean around the ears and neck. Depending on the client’s preferences, they can put a pomade in for a wet look or a paste in for a dry look. Blow dry, if volume is desired.”

Roger Sterling circa-1970 mustache very, very optional. 

Aidan Brogan
Brogan and Son, (415) 392-2272

The Nakata [See more photos]

James Lizotte, Peoples Barber: For retired footballer/fashion plate Hidetoshi Nakata’s look, “Ask for a smooth transition fade on the sides, leading into about a finger-length on top. Ask your barber to start with a number 2 on the sides and blend up smoothly into the top and down smoothly into the beard. No weight lines! A bit of light pomade (like JS Sloane Lightweight Pomade) or a small amount of Uppercut Deluxe, and you’re done. This is a simple spring look, without any need for heavy styling — the way most guys prefer it.” 

James Lizotte
Peoples Barber & Shop, (415) 292-4099

Top photo credit: Jim Pennucci

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