Five Swanky Halloween Spectacles for Grown-Ass Men

Ever stayed in an abandoned asylum turned five-star hotel?

October 20, 2017 9:00 am

Leave it to New Yorkers to want to go to the nuthouse.

You heard us right.

Just a stone’s throw away, Hotel Henry is a former asylum turned swanky guesthouse ideal for a Halloween excursion.

It’s one of five adult-worthy events we’ve deemed likely to A) scare the sh*t out of you and B) actually measure up to the price of admission this October.

They’ll leave a nightlight on for you.

Hotel Henry
In the 1870s, it was the “Buffalo State Asylum for the Insane.” Now it’s an 88-room historic hotel set on the grounds of a National Landmark. Don’t let the foreboding gothic architecture fool you, though: inside it’s nothing but modern design, high thread counts and an ace restaurant called 100 Acres. Is a defunct nuthouse turned boutique hotel kind of morbid? Yes. Are we into it? Definitely.

City of Gods
Long Island City
If you’ve yet to experience a House of Yes party, you’re in for a real treat. Just note that the conservative set need not apply. This one is a particularly special doozy: the subversive, carnival-themed dance club is taking over the ultra dope Paper Factory and partying for 24 hours straight. Carb up and expect to see some action that would make Hef roll in his grave.

Ghosted Stories
Gramercy Park
On the more cerebral side, Ghosted Stories invites guests to talk about generally crappy dating situations and spooky, scary stories of being “ghosted.” This includes: foam-party ghosting, bumping into an ex ghoster on the street (yep, that’s a thing) and what to do when you confront a modern-day ghost.

Inferno at the McKittrick
Home to the notorious Sleep No More, the McKittrick Hotel throws immersive, creative, spectacular bashes just about every day of the week. So you can bet that they’re going to bring some serious heat for Halloween. Have a munch at the new Illusionist’s Table and prepare thyself for a riotous and artful affair after. And — don’t be a weenie — dress up and dress to kill.

Bannerman Castle
Hudson Valley
You’re hopping on a train north to Pollepel Island, the site of Bannerman’s Arsenal. There, you’ll tour a turn-of-the-century tycoon’s dilapidated castle. If you’ve got the stones, do it at night.


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