Giving Large

By The Editors
August 6, 2012 9:00 am

You spent hours researching the perfect gift, painstakingly wrapped it, and proudly handed it over – at which point she smiled, looked deep into your adoring eyes, and said “Gift receipt?”

Save yourself the time – while still being thoughtful – with Wantful, a gift-giving site which creates “personalized pop up shops” for giftees, just out of beta and officially open for business.

wantful 3

To gift, just sign up and answer a few personality and style q’s about your intended recipient, like whether they enjoy cooking, how organized their closets are, and whether they’d prefer to live in modish downtown or even-modisher Amagansett. Wantful then spits out a range of tailored suggestions:

    wantful 2

    You choose 16 items, which are then printed in a beautifully-bound “gift book” of your beneficence, complete with custom cover bearing the recipient’s name. You deliver the book (or have it mailed), and they select what they want and enter a redemption code on the site. The perfect gift comes right to their doorstep.

    No gift receipt necessary.

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