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By The Editors
May 8, 2013 9:00 am

When making any decision, it helps to have all the available info – lest you charge, Custer-like, into a blunder of Bighorn proportions.

Helping you avoid a scalping on the NYC rental market: Urban Compass, the first independent company to let you search for an apartment, book a viewing and rent your next pad entirely on one site.

In other words: no churlish brokers. No management companies. No damn StreetEasy.

What you do get: comprehensive neighborhood dossiers, plus your very own “neighborhood specialist” (i.e., savvy local) who tags along during your search to answer questions and offer tips (i.e., whether you’re paying above-market).

And since they’re paid based on customer satisfaction rather than commission, they’ve got no incentive to close until you find the perfect fit.

When the time comes, UC handles all the paperwork online. No faxin’ required.

If you’re cowed by your suspicion of realtors in NYC, don’t be: UC has an impressive pedigree. The service was developed by an ex-Googler and a former Goldman exec (and InsideHook Man of the Month). Mayor Bloomberg announced the site’s launch yesterday.

For a more personal touch, InsideHook readers get exclusive access to a one-on-one “corporate concierge” to answer any queries. Simply email insidehook@urbancompass.com or call (212) 826-6727.

Thank us with an invite to the housewarming.

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