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H.W. Carter & Sons launch their first-ever menswear emporium

  • 14 December 2012

To know true craftsmanship, you’ve got to hold an item in your hands. Let it talk to you. Let it say, “I was forged with care and expertise. I do not know this Cyber Monday of which you speak.”

Letting you put your hands on 150 years of heritage: the historic H.W. Carter & Sons, now operating their very first rugged menswear shop in Williamsburg. 

Carter got their start crafting overalls in New Hampshire before Lincoln was hunting vampires took office, and now they’re peddling their own brawny trousers and union jackets, plus 50+ tough-luxe brands you’ll find hardly anywhere else:

Shirts and Pants: Carter stocks the artfully stitched button-downs of Our Legacy, straight outta Stockholm, and raw indigo selvedge from LA’s Rising Sun. 

Jackets and Sweaters: Mister Freedom’s club-collared denim masterpiece, retro wool varsity cardigans from Oregon’s Dehen, and Italian label Esemplare’s wool bomber (one of the best we’ve ever seen).

Shoes: Carter’s collab’d with UK shoe legends Grenson on a glossy wingtip boot. There are 12 pairs total. Get one.

Carter also carries an array of heirloom accessories, as well as grooming supplies.

So plenty to get your hands on.

Carter doesn’t have an online shop for their curated goods, but we’ve collected the must-have items right over here.

The Specifics

H.W. Carter & Sons

127 N. 6th St.
b/t Bedford and Berry

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