Travel the World Without Leaving the Room

Tictail: The world’s best independent designers, in one place

By The Editors
January 26, 2016 9:00 am

A coffee table from Berlin. Pop art from Paris. A shearling coat from Stockholm.

Many men will travel the world twice over to find the perfect things to outfit their home and person.

The smarter ones, though, will just head to Tictail, a newly opened showroom on the LES that already did the legwork for you.

Already an award-winning online retailer, Tictail’s first brick and mortar hosts the best independent designers from more than 140 countries to. We’re talking high-quality, low-volume collections that you won’t find anywhere else (at least without blowing through your miles).  

“From day one, we’ve sought to bring together a community of amazing local brands from around the world and give them the tools to build global businesses,” explains Carl Waldekranz, Tictail co-founder and CEO, named a 2016 Forbes 30 Under 30: Retail & E-Commerce. “Tictail Market is an immersive experience, a touchpoint for New Yorkers to explore and engage with the incredible stories behind each and every Tictail entrepreneur.”

From the man to his home to everything in between, here are 10 handsome reasons we advise checking it out.

We the Knot

Practical, everyday gear with just enough sex appeal by way of Portugal.

Daniel Dugoff

Coined as “unbasic basics,” Daniel Dugoff is a NY local crafting realistic essentials for the made man.

TID Watches

Leave it to the Swedes to marry subtlely and simplicity in the most forward fashion.

Made Supply

Hand-crafted leather goods with a penchant for longevity. Monogramming available on everything.

Human Scales

A collection of Swedish garments that breathe masculinity and regard clothing as a second skin.

Alex Crane

Classic, comfy leisurewear for urbanites on the go.

Simon Key Bertman

Masculine linens (masculinens?) in geometric patterns that are heavy on the hand and easy on the eye.

My Kilos

Stark, minimalist, statement-making home designs from Berlin.

Bok & Brille

Steampunk lighting solutions that we think Edison himself would’ve admired.

Nordic Hunter

A high-end collection for the modern outdoorsman.

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