The One Thing You Need to Get Outta Town
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The One Thing You Need to Get Outta Town

The ideal getaway gear, as customized by you

  • 02 September 2015

The ideal weekending bag is an extension of the body.

Compact, portable, overhead-bin-able.

You don’t need squirrelly wheels. You don’t need a retractable handle. And most importantly, you don’t need a second bag.

What you do need: a Saintly Bag.

Because Saintly Bags are designed by — and for — you. Handmade in New York, they offer 1.65 million handsome different combinations to suit your every taste and need.

How it works:

First, select your size. We talking Weekend Fling or just a One Night Stand?

Then you move on to the heavy lifting.

You're looking at Italian and Brazilian leather in nine hues. Shoe pockets (up to two). Laptop pockets. Monogramming. Zipper trim. Liner design (17 options, including US, French and Argentine flags). Hardware options out the wazoo.

It all adds up to a masterpiece of stylistic expression, perfect for first-class bins or tossing in the back of your Jaguar F-Type.

And it sure as hell beats being this guy.

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