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Handle the Proof

Proof knits sharply tailored threads with sci-fi fabrics

  • 29 October 2012

When fashion and technology collide, the results can be spectacular. Especially if you’re wearing a bra on your head, then the results are Kelly Lebrock.

Knitting up some weird science, sartorially speaking: Proof clothing, a classically styled brand using highly technical super fabrics, rolling out online now.

Proof NYManufactured right here in NYC, all Proof garments are ruthlessly tested – says founder Omar Rada, “We’ve taken showers in our shorts, worn garments for days on end, blatantly ignored our own care instructions. We build something and then test the hell out of it.”

Proof began with a pair of crisply tailored shorts – which we fondly refer to as the apotheosis of half-pants — made from Swiss “Dryskin” fabric that’s both hydrophilic (wicks away sweat) and hydrophobic (repels the red wine you just spilled on yourself).

Now Proof’s expanding to other sharply designed staples, from tees and henleys crafted from shape-retaining merino wool blends, to pants developed with material commonly found in world-class equestrian wear (little-known dressage fact here: Competitors are expected to present a wrinkle-free ensemble to judges after riding).

Proof’s also peddling a slim-fit blazer and coat featuring multi-directional stretch to accommodate your wildest party gesticulations, and a “poly membrane” layer that’ll keep you dry in even the most intense November deluge.

Only thing weird about this science is why no one thought of it earlier.

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