It’s Raining Menswear

By The Editors
May 28, 2014 9:00 am

It’s gonna rain. But it’s not gonna be cold. Welcome to NYC spring, where you need gear that’s waterproof enough to keep the deluge out, and breathable enough to prevent one underneath.

The Shirt

Ministry of Supply’s new Archive Dress Shirt is crafted from a space-age synthetic that wicks away sweat and dries quickly. Bonus: tiny, laser-cut pit vents that cleverly regulate temp in the trickiest of spots.


The Pants

Even with an umbrella, pants are tough to keep dry. So just rock the Nomad pant (or short) from NYC’s Proof. We ran these damn things under the sink and water sluiced right off, leaving only dry fabric behind.

The Shoes

For wet weekend (and beach) wear, cop Native’s Howard boat shoes. At a glance a regular boater, they’re actually a cushy molded foam that you can get as wet as you want (g’head, swim in ’em). Water shakes right off.

The Jacket

You need a trench. But a lightweight trench that’ll keep out the elements without turning you into a human oven. Your pals at InsideHook made exactly that in collab with Chicago’s Stock Mfg Co. – complete with cheeky pops of color that’ll turn heads on the rainiest of streets.

Now go forth and stay dry.

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