This Watch. It’s Just So … Perfect.

Put Martenero's new tickers right at the top of your wish list

November 4, 2016 9:00 am

There are three kinds of watches in this world.

The ones so garish they command attention from across the room; the ones so bland even the guy wearing it forgets he’s got it on; and this:

The Edgemere, a nautical-themed watch collection inspired by the marine chronometer that comes in three bold colorways.

The third release from New York-based Martenero, we thought it was high time we paid a visit to co-founder/designer, John Tarantino, to see what makes the Edgemere tick.

Why do you love this new collection?
“I love it because it’s different and fun. This design is definitely a bit of a departure for us, in that it’s more colorful and feels more whimsical than our other designs. And the mechanics are more complex than ever before. It’s just a cool watch that’s fun to wear. It’s great that it’s colorful enough to get your attention without being too out there.”

What’s new, feature-wise?
“One of the design features of the Edgemere uses a sub-dial for the second hand at the 4.5 hour position. This isn’t something we’ve done before, and it also makes the dial asymmetrical. I think the asymmetry works really nicely here since it’s a relaxed, casual design.”

Who do you envision loving this new collection?
“Somebody who wants something well designed and well executed. It’s pretty unique and doesn’t look like much else that’s out there. This watch is more of an attention getter than the others, so it will appeal to someone who’s looking to stand out … but just a bit.”

The Edgemere collection captures the spirit of the sea, but it’s certain to suit concerte jockeys as well. It’s dynamic, but not brackish. And for a very accessible $550 a pop, it’s yours.

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