This shop will make you a Man of the World

Come for the watches. Stay for the backgammon.

By The Editors
October 26, 2015 9:00 am

Revered quarterly Man of the World has officially come to life.

Be you artist or entrepreneur, bookworm or sportsman, on the hunt for vintage collectibles or some gorgeous accoutrement for your home or office, this is the only destination that matters.

Founder Alan Maleh has crafted the first physical manifestation of his discerning guide for the contemporary gent right here in Brooklyn, New York.

Perched a floor above Gentry — his more youthful but equally handsome men’s accessories depot — Man of the World reads something like a members-only club in retail form.

Lounging in-store with the fellas: encouraged. Staying for a match of backgammon: advised. Walking out the door with shallower pockets but a bag full of impossibly cool s**t sourced by Maleh on his many global wanderings: unavoidable.

The official opening date has yet to be announced, but you can book an appointment to view the collection by calling the shop. However, a little jaunt to Gentry revealed many of Man of the World’s collector’s items already sprinkled about.

Here are nine of their most lust-worthy objets:  

Andy Warhol, 1977. The best reason to own this signed invitation? No one else does.

Vintage Cigar Tray. Each week, Man of the World features a new and diverse collection bound by a theme. This week is Smoking Trays. This mid-century piece looks like a fine resting place for a lit Cuban.

WWI Trench Watch. These guys know watches. Their catalogue is jaw-dropping and completely unique. And each watch comes with a lifetime exchange policy. So, if something went awry with this historical watch, you can swap it for another in their collection.

The Zeppelin Tool Box. So handsome we’re tempted to break things just to fix ’em.

A vintage Norwegian hunting knife from 1963. Would love to hear its stories.

The Hector Saxe Parisian backgammon set. The official go-to in luxury set designs and but one of many in Man of the World’s collection.

Vintage Study Lamp. A custom-made bronze study lamp. Solid piece. And much more fun than it looks — turn it on by touching anywhere.

Mystrand Bar. Just when we thought happy hour couldn’t get any happier.

Monaco 1968. A legendary poster from a legendary race.

Nota bene: A little birdie in the sky tells us that Man of the World will also launch a luxury travel concierge service and a very reasonable suiting program in the near future. Stay tuned. 

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