Right Up Your Valley

By The Editors
October 15, 2012 9:00 am

The best places are the ones with a story behind them – take the Hudson Valley, with its tales of revolutionary heroism, Native American lore, and headless equestrians flinging flaming pumpkins at terrified schoolteachers.

Bringing you products with a story, from that same storied location, no less: Hudson Made, a new online purveyor of unique, hand-crafted goods all made in and around the Hudson Valley.

hudson made 3

Birthed from nostalgia for “a time when craftsmanship and quality were valued above machinery and quantity,” Hudson Made focuses on timeless, artisanal products that took some actual sweat to make – in the case of their inaugural product, soap made with genuine pasture-raised goat milk. From their goats. On their pasture.

The site has expanded to carry a range of kitchen, stationery, and grooming products, from Catskill-tapped moonshine maple syrup to letterpressed hunting dog cards to tobacco-and-mint-tinged beard balm “for men and women of distinction.”

hudson made 2

Hudson Made also stocks accessories like woolen dopp kits and hand-sewn leather wallets, as well as genuine vintage “gift sets” which contain contemporary products paired with mint-condition arcana like copper measuring cups from 1910 and 150 year-old spice sets.

Who knows, maybe used to spice a pumpkin pie or two.

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