Hat’s On to You

By The Editors
February 13, 2013 9:00 am

Handcrafted products, nicely done. This is Made By Hand, a recurring series in which we celebrate great American things and the tradesmen who create them.

Once, the hat was ubiquitous – a gentlemanly ornament found on everyone from the dapper exec to the stylish rake. 

And lo, the men’s chapeau is making a big comeback on the streets of NYC. Which is why you should meet Orlando Palacios, owner and resident mad hatter at Worth & Worth, an uptown hattery that’s crafted bespoke headpieces for everyone from Bogart to Bowie.

Worth & Worth

At W&W, Palacios plies his trade in the old style, beginning with a read on your facial and body structure to decide what type of lid fits your mug. 

Then, he measures your skull’s unique contours with a 150-year-old device called a conformateur, before hand-carving a custom “block” (think hat mold) from fire-hardened hickory. 

Worth & Worth

Once you’ve selected a raw hat “body” of luxe fabrics like rabbit cashmere or long-haired beaver (What are you snickering at?), Palacios shapes your hat over the block – steaming and ironing by hand to give it structure and buffing the raw fabric with everything from sandpaper to sharkskin on Prohibition-era machines.

Finishing touches include hand-stitched trim and feathers. Then you join W&W’s 90-years-running legion of stylish chaps.

Feels good to be a revivalist.

What type of cats are rocking Worth & Worth? Watch their brand new video series to find out.

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