Dinner from the Depths

March 14, 2012 9:00 am

Re-imaginings of the Titanic tend to get worse and worse — unless you think it’s great theater to watch DiCaprio teach Winslet how to spit? How about in 3D? Nope. Not us either.

So for all the elegance of Titanic, but none of the schlock, check out Dine Titanic supper club — a covert black tie affair convening on the 100-year anniversary of the cruise ship’s sinking, just now releasing tickets.

Hosted by a cabal of chefs and wine enthusiasts in a clandestine Manhattan venue, the dinner kicks off with an opulent live music and cocktail hour in homage to the Titanic’s fabled dining hall. Afterward, tuxedoed waitstaff will serve a seven-course “updated re-creation” of the Titanic’s final repast — e.g., wild salmon with cucumbers in mousseline sauce, filet mignon with shaved truffles, waldorf pudding — prepared by toques from Chef Roble & Co., a Brooklyn boutique firm that’s catered to everyone from Mariah Carey to President Obama.

To get access, you must be on Dine Titanic’s email list, which is already at capacity. But we have it on good authority that if you sign up right this instant, you just may sneak into the VIP queue and get on board last-minute.

Here’s hoping it works out better for you than it did for Leo.

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