This Charcuterie Prevents Hangovers, Is Magic

Mmm. Salami.

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This Charcuterie Prevents Hangovers, Is Magic
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10 December 2015

In the pantheon of hangover cures, no one tack overrules another. Some are less appealing than others, to be sure.

Swig some water, sure. Multivitamins, maybe. Drink in moderation? Not a prayer.

Here’s something to complete the list: “hangover cured” meats from London-based craft meat purveyors Serious Pig. If there’s anything the British know, it’s pub snacks (not pub food, mind you), and if Serious Pig is anything, it’s the ultimate bar snack.

Two flavors: chilli and ginger. And classic — which we assume is just salty and delicious. The claim that these little delicious meat sticks cure your hangover is simple, if not a bit polemic: munch on this stuff throughout the night while drinking; worry not the next morning.

Scientifically proven and FDA-approved? Not by a long shot.

An excuse to overstuff yourself and carry spiced meat on your person? Absolutely.

All in moderation, right?

The Specifics

Serious Pig

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