Did Ford Just Super Sneakily Reveal the New Bronco?

Houston, we have a Bronco

By Shari Gab

Did Ford Just Super Sneakily Reveal the New Bronco?
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22 June 2017

Rumors: 99% of the time, they're better than the truth that comes after them.

Not this time.

For the last year and change, whispers on the wind have told us that after 12 dreary years of sedans and station wagons, the Ford Bronco would be making a comeback. An agreement between Ford and United Automobile hinted that the Michigan Assembly Plant would start churning out a Bronco in 2020. Then the eager beavers over at fan forum Bronco6G released some creative renderings, and the automotive internet went nuts.

At the time, those renderings were considered nothing more than salacious fanboy art. The image you see at the top of this page, however? That's legit. It's a still from The Rock’s next film, and it looks eerily similar to said forum renderings.

Gasp! Is there a mole in the forum? Did Ford take a hint from their renderings? Do we care?


We just want our Bronco back, and all signs for that effect are pointing toward, “Hell yes!”

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