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Chopping Block

Meet Pidge. He makes handsome cutting boards.

  • 19 June 2013

Of all the questions you ask yourself before grilling a summer steak (Briquettes or lump charcoal? #1 Dad apron or Mr. Mom?), the most important could be this:

Do I really need a wooden cutting board?

The answer is yes. And you can do little better than PidgeBoards, available now.

Lovingly handcrafted by Pidge, a Boulder-based furniture designer who’s nicknamed after the “Voltron” character, these cutting boards aim to be “functional art and a conversation piece on their own.”

Translation: they’re great tools to both cut on and serve with.


Each board is molded out of beautifully figured hardwoods — walnut, oak, curly maple and padauk — that won’t chip your knives like the chintzier plastic jobbies do.

And Pidge will build you customs of varying thickness, woods, patterns and monogramming.

Or you could just go wild.

“Let’s say you wanted a six foot section of your countertop to be a PidgeBoard,” says Pidge. “I could build the counter and put a 2x2' section in the middle that’s end-grain. You could use that section for your chopping without damaging the whole counter.”

Begging the next question: guess you’re gonna need more steak, huh?

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