It’s Half Superyacht, Half Amusement Park

On deck? Water slides, climbing walls and personal submarines.

By Kirk Miller

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05 July 2016

In the imaginary battle for summer fun supremacy, water parks and megayachts would both pull a pretty high rank.

But a combo of the two? That’s a winning formula. And one that will soon be made real by the recently announced Ocea Nemo Sport Utility Yacht, a concept from MC Yacht (an innovative Italian custom yacht company — not a terrible ‘80s rapper). The Ocea is being hailed as, respectively, “the first sport utility yacht concept,” “the SUV of the sea” and a “floating fun house.”

All true.

The 144-foot aluminum beauty features its own beach club, a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gym and an 800-square-foot master suite.

And toys. Lots of toys. Among them (which are all optional): an inflatable rock-climbing wall, a water slide and space for your own private subs and hovercrafts.

The Ocea has a 4,000-mile range, cruising speed of 12 knots and “competitively prices well under 20 million euros.”

But can you really put a price on fun? 

The Specifics

Ocea Nemo

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