Emirati Prince Stages Drone/Supercar Race Because He Can

Watch a McLaren take on a drone ahead of the World Drone Prix

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Emirati Prince Stages Drone/Supercar Race Because He Can
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02 March 2016

If you’ve ever wondered if being an Emirati Crown Prince with virtually limitless funds at your disposal is somewhat similar to being an equally solvent 13-year-old boy, the answer is yes, yes it is.

Drone VS McLaren in Dubai Extended Cut 1:30

Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed released this clip of a drone taking on a McLaren supercar on his Instagram account to promote the inaugural World Drone Prix, which will be held at Skydive Dubai later this month.

When the largest event in the history of drone racing kicks off on March 11th, spectators will watch the unmanned aerial vehicles navigate a custom track featuring “multiple pathways” and “kinetic and static obstacles” at speeds in excess of 60 MPH. Qualifying events for the World Drone Prix were already held in LA, Berlin, Seoul, Japan and China. The 32 finalists will compete for $1 million in prize money.

Gentlemen, start your tiny engines.

Images via Youtube

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