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Daytrader: Your new holiday board game

  • 10 December 2013

If you’re like us, you spend a healthy amount of cash getting your family together for the holidays.

Now it’s time to take it all back.

Introducing Daytrader, the board game for ruthless titans of finance (and anybody bored of never-ending Monopoly sessions), available now.

Daytrader is essentially the stock market in your living room.

Your goal: retire first. And comfortably.

This means landing a job, shuttling between different employers, making trades and buying/selling stock. (Oddly, there’s no “Don’t have children” option.)

Roll the wrong number and you’re paying higher taxes. Or out of a job.


Complicating matters: 32 “Volatile Market” cards, which could land you on the board of directors ... or lose you everything in a market crash.

Nice details, too: your pawns are briefcases.

The lowest denomination? The $10,000 bill.

The gameplay: cutthroat, volatile, dangerous.

You know, just like America.

And holiday get-togethers.

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