Daft Punk's Creative Director Just Released a Line of Sci-Fi Furniture

Meet George Jetson's armchair

By Kirk Miller

Daft Punk
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06 July 2018

There’s a great reason Daft Punk’s been sitting out on a potentially lucrative tour: they literally have better places to sit.

With all his free time, Daft’s Thomas Bangalter has been photographing a line of vintage, Space Age-inspired furniture from French brand Hervet Manufacturier. It’s not an unexpected collaboration: the company has previously worked with Daft Punk’s creative studio Daft Arts, and co-founder Cedric Hervet serves as the electronic duo’s creative director.


The retro-futuristic line photographed by Bangalter includes Passager, a steel/full-grain leather armchair that looks like a space captain’s chair circa 1965, and Audiosatt, a hi-fi system made from Dos Santos rosewood veneer that’s dubbed (accurately) as an “excellent vessel for a supersonic cruise.”


According to Architectural Digest, part of the collection will be shown at JF Chen in Los Angeles on July 9th.

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