2019’s Best Film Might Be This Bill Murray Zombie Flick

And it's not 'Zombieland 2.' Here's what we know.

By Kirk Miller

Bill Murray zombie
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13 July 2018

Indie directing legend Jim Jarmusch — who’s done some occasional, interesting genre work with the likes of Ghost Dog and Only Lovers Left Alive — is currently working on a zombie film starring Murray, Adam Driver, Selena Gomez and Chloe Sevigny, alongside the unconfirmed duo of Rosie Perez and Daniel Craig.

It's all rather hush-hush, but there's proof in this tweet, which will probably be the only time we use the Twitter account Selena Gomez News as a source.

That A-level cast heads up what will either be called The Dead Don’t Die or Kill the Head; either way, it’s due out in 2019 and Murray (so memorable from Zombieland but probably not in that film’s sequel, which may or may not have already been filmed) says the script is “so hilarious.” Like Zombieland, he will not play a zombie.

Below, Jarmusch discusses vampire and zombies as part of the press tour for 2014’s Only Lovers Left Alive.

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