The “5G Chip” Conspiracy Theorists Believe Is in the COVID-19 Vaccine Is Actually a Guitar Pedal

It won't protect you from the virus, but it will help you shred

guitar pedal
Not the actual guitar pedal conspiracy theorists are mistaking for a 5G chip, but a guitar pedal nonetheless. (Photo by Jesse Wild/Guitarist Magazine/Future via Getty Images)
Future via Getty Images

Conspiracy theorists by their very definition tend to hold some pretty out-there beliefs, but this one out of Italy is pretty funny: people in that country have begun sharing a diagram of “the 5G chip that has been inserted in the [COVID-19] vaccine,” but it turns out it’s actually a diagram of the electric circuit of a guitar pedal.

Software engineer Mario Fusco shared the diagram that’s been making the rounds on Twitter last week, and despite the fact that it’s labeled “CONFIDENTIAL” (that’s how you know it’s part of a vast conspiracy to insert 5G chips into humans), it is in fact an image of the circuits that make up the Boss Metal Zone MT-2 guitar pedal.

As Guitar World points out, the pedal’s diagram does in fact include a “5G frequency” section, which may have led to the confusion, but it also clearly includes terms like “Footswitch,” “Treble” and “Bass,” which should have been dead giveaways.

Naturally, Twitter had a field day. “I demand that science inject ROCK AND ROLL into my veins,” wrote one user. “I’m sorry, but without some vacuum tubes, we’re never going to get the tone we need out of this vaccine,” another chimed in.

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