We’re in for a scorcher. Stay cool. Use this.

Where to hide out when it’s 94 degrees

By The Editors
October 8, 2015 9:00 am

Because we can’t all spend the weekend sweating it out by the pool Ray Winstone-style, we recommend two solutions: getting indoors, or getting out of town. Herewith: four ways to do just that.

Go North, Old Boy!
To Leo Carrillo State Park. The cooler, cleaner waters are worth leaving early for, and the beach has 1.5 miles to comb. There are cooling sea caves in which to beat the heat. Before going, hit Gjusta for a picnic lunch to bring with: cold salads, fruit, maybe some smoked salmon. All good nosh. Surfing? You’ll be able to trunk it. We suggest these bad boys from AETHER, which have a handy key pouch and some stretch.

Crafts and Cranks
Higher elevations are a good bet for lower temps. Add in some frosty microbrews and you’ve got the first annual Crafts and Cranks at Big Bear, a mountain biking race that includes 18 breweries and three live bands. Maybe make it a night with a cabin. And definitely rent some paddle boards and hit the lake.

This political climate, much like the physical one, is piping hot. We find a little comedy goes a long way in releasing the pressure. So hit Politicon, a new event debuting this weekend at the LA Convention Center where a long list of comedians will take on political commentators from both sides of the aisle.

Travel Inspired Dinner
Sunday and Mondays at Hinoki and the Bird, Chef Perfecto Rocher (smoke.oil.salt) is teaming up with Hinoki toque Brandon Kita for a Spanish and Japanese fusion dinner that includes two appetizers and a paella of your choosing. Follow that with a movie at AMC (Steve Jobs and The Martian both stand up to the hype). If you’re going to the latter, try for the 8:30. It shows in the room that’s got spankin’ new leather recliners.


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