Cool Runnings
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Cool Runnings

There are trails afoot. Use them. And look good.

  • 09 January 2014

This just in from the Midwest: pictures of frozen toilets. Truly. But the local five-day calls for low seventies. Light breeze. Chance of sundresses. Sounds like trail-running weather. Here’s the gear you’ll spot us in:


Fun fact: our bodies are designed to run barefoot (read on). We’re not talking FiveFingers. Because no. Just no. Instead, sheath your piggies in NeoTrails by Vivobarefoot. The flexible sole mimics running barefoot, has Spidey-like grip and wicks sweat.

Hot Days

When the temps reach the 80s, you’ll want to sport Athletic Recon’s newly launched Iron Clad. Fitted and two-toned, it includes a mesh panel that runs down the spine, keeping you cool and dry.

Their Renegade shorts are ideal for running long distances, with a super comfy spandex liner that never rides and a small zip pocket below the sacrum for keys.

Chilly Days

On nippy days, cloak thyself in Patagonia’s thermal flyer shirt, made of merino wool and polyester. And when those chilly Pacific winds blow in, the Houdini pants and jacket work like battle shields.

Have fun.

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