This Is An Urgent Tailgating Announcement

Tailgates. Backyards. Let’s get smoked.

By The Editors
September 9, 2015 9:00 am

BBQ (noun, not verb) always works for a party.

Smells good. Tastes better. Indomitable shelf-life.

All of which make it perfect for a day spent motionless in front of a TV. Days like … Sunday.

So now that it’s tailgating season, call on the brothers Fuelling at The Corner Butcher Shop for all your BBQ needs.

A mom-and-pop concern based in La Verne, they’ll make the haul to all parts Angeleno if you’ve got a gang to feed.

They pit-smoke their tri-tip on red oak, stock a wide array of USDA prime, all-natural meats and make their own hotdogs from pork and beef trimmings — damn tasty, those dogs.

They can do sliders, sandwiches, tacos … you name it.

For sides, go with their smoky beans and a cheddar-heavy twice-baked potato.

Let the games begin.

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