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Tasty suds, delivered, via The Bruery’s Preservation Society

  • 08 March 2013

If we told you the best microbrews in all the Southland — neigh, in all the Western states — were bottled in a drab exurb beyond the Orange Curtain, would you make that pilgrimage?

Oh hell no. But you’d have those suds delivered.

Doing just that: The Bruery’s Preservation Society, a delivery club from one of America’s most lauded microbreweries, taking new members now.

Straight out of Placentia — it’s like Compton, but without all the Compton-iness — The Bruery’s flavor profiles are based on a motley array of foods, from sweet potato pie to tangy Thai.

And since their founding in ‘07, they’ve garnered plaudits from the likes of Esquire, Bon Appétit and Paste Magazine (“Music: better with beer since forever”).

The Bruery only cranks out 10,000 bottles each year, and their quarterly club is open to a mere 500 lucky folks.

Every three months, you’ll receive three wine-bottle-sized beers.

This April expect the award-winning Sans Pagaie, the hoppy and oak-aged Imperial Loakal Red, and White Chocolate, which is aged in a bourbon barrel with wheat wine, vanilla beans and cacao nibs (think waffle cone dipped in bourbon).

Each bottle serves four. After which, the only pilgrimage you’ll be making is to bed.

The Specifics

The Bruery Preservation Society

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$54 per quarter 

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