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May 29, 2014 9:00 am

There’s a lot of p*rn in SoCal.

This is the safe-for-work kind. The house p*rn kind.

Have a covetous gander at Dwell’s Home Tour, an in-person look-see at the home’s of LA’s 1%, kicking off June 14th.

This is a self-led walkabout through ten of the most beautifully designed homes in Los Angeles.

On the roster:

  • An evo-tectured home that looks like a boat, complete with decks, a sundial and sails for shade.
  • A Dimster Duplex with a shared rooftop that includes a moveable shade and soaring glass windows for ample natural light.
  • The Glen Oaks Residence: encased in steel and red cedar, with unobstructed views of the Rose Bowl and the San Gabriel Mountains.

Want more? Check out our ogle-worthy sneak preview of the homes you’ll see on the tour.

It takes place over two weekends, covering the Westside the first weekend (June 14), and the Eastside the following Saturday.

Don’t miss it, homes.

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