Fire Starter

By The Editors
October 21, 2013 9:00 am

The U.S. Government has officially returned from the wilderness, and lo — our nation’s parks are open again.

But before you decamp into the purple mountains’ majesty, get prepped with California Survival Training, just now taking reservations for its new Alaska Field Course near Mt. McKinley.

Led by a first responder to California firestorms who walks over the Sierras for poops and hahas, this no-holds-barred survivalist course is held on 837 acres of land at the base of the highest mountain in North America.

What you’ll learn: emergency medicine, fashioning crude weapons and “survival dining,” e.g., the Leidenfrost effect (AKA how to boil water in a plastic bag).

This is the first Alaska-bound course for California Survival Training, which also offers single-day critical skills courses (i.e., how to hike without relying on a GPS) and two-day weekend courses just north of L.A. in the Tehachapis.

You know, for the man who doesn’t need a trail or a tent, but wouldn’t mind returning to his couch afterward.

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