Beat the Hell Out of These Clothes. Go On. Dare Ya’.

Freenote Cloth opened a humble brick-and-mortar. Go once.

December 8, 2017 9:00 am

Hate clothes-shopping but still wanna turn heads?

Buy quality. You won’t have to replace it often.

Case in point: four years ago, I bought a pair of denim jeans from Freenote Cloth. And lo and behold, they’ve only gotten better with age.

freenote shop (3 images)

Freenote just opened their first shop in Highland Park. It’s not big — just a small room hung with all their western-inspired wares — but it’s got everything you need: shirts, jackets and pants made from premium materials sourced from Japanese mills and vintage deadstock.

Everything is built to last, and the classic cuts (not baggy, not skinny) gives their clothes a timeless, one-of-a-kind appearance you won’t find at the mall.

flannel and chinos (4 images)

New to the collection? A line of mid-weight flannel shirts perfect for chilly L.A. evenings. We also like the locally knit T-shirts — which are thick enough to last many washes but soft enough for everyday wear — and the new herringbone chinos.

denim (3 images)

Of course, you don’t want to overlook their two signature materials: chambray shirts and jeans. The former is a deadstock Japanese fabric that’s stiff at first but fades and softens in all the right places. In my experience, it’s a lock to elicit at least one “Where’d ya get that?” per wear.

Then there’s the denim: nothing flashy, but it’s finished locally in low production after crossing the ocean from Japan.

Go try it on. You’ll never need to go back — though you may want to.

Nota bene: Go around lunch and grab a sandwich and a bottle booze from Tinfoil. That’s three birds with one stone.

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