Pic of the Litter

June 24, 2014 9:00 am

There are iconic photos that everybody has seen.

James Dean leaning against that car. That sailor kissing a girl in Times Square. Einstein’s wackadoodle hair.

But there are also iconic photos that nobody has seen. The rarities. The deep cuts.

And for those, you need Archivast, an online retailer that curates rare images from the deep vaults of newspapers and museums and makes them available to you.

As in: Archivast is where you go when you want something unique for your walls.

These guys strike deals with the likes of the New York Times, which has reams of images that are never seen or used, then works with guest curators to select the best pieces.

The first collection was helmed by historical knickknacks collector and craftsman John Derian (he’s got a quaint little shop in NYC), and we’ve got a slideshow of his picks.

You see an image you like, they print it on high-grade cotton paper and ship it to you — framed if you like — within two weeks.

Et voila: iconic photography that’ll impress anyone who drops by.

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