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  • The Curator

    John Derian

    ARCHIVAST partners with guest curators to deliver you gorgeous prints from the New York Times archives. This series was curated by shop owner John Derian, who cut his teeth affixing curious archival photos to plates.

  • Free Fall

    Clown Dive

    Taken in Queens in 1951, the Clowns of Water routine was a mainstay of the Aquazanies, a troupe of jailhouse-striped performers who performed at the Astoria Pool every Wednesday night.

  • On High

    Rooftop Ballet

    Shot with a box camera by ballerina Albertina Rasch, Rooftop Ballet is the grandmama of the now popular jumping shot seen on nearly every girl you know's Instagram.

  • Upright

    Uncle Sam

    Check out Uncle Sam at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1939. Pretty upright. But this "formal rigidity" was, as John Derian notes, typical of the national mood ahead of World War II. 

  • Pleasure Traffic

    Horse Carriage on the Avenue

    Look at the sign on the upper righthand side of this picture, Horse Carriage on the Avenue. It reads "Pleasure Traffic to the Left." We need to bring these signs back. We also need to bring back Pleasure Driving. 

  • Touch Up

    Robotic Giraffe

    Here, in Robotic Giraffe, a young artist puts some finishing touches on the "Mechanical Menagerie," an exhibit for the zoo.

  • Showtime

    Fashion Show for the Ladies

    A little "avante garde mystery." That's what's conveyed in this beautiful image taken from a high society fashion show at the Sherry-Netherland Hotel in 1965.