This Furniture Company Saved Me From Completely Losing My Mind During a Move

Settlein has everything you could possibly need to furnish a new apartment

Settlein furniture
Settlein's furniture includes lots of elegant midcentury pieces.

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Everyone knows that moving is terrible. There’s a reason it consistently ranks above divorce and just below the death of a loved one in studies about the most stressful life events human beings can experience. That stress grows exponentially when you’re moving from a roommate situation to a solo living space and find yourself suddenly in desperate need of a whole bunch of furniture. You’re telling me that in addition hiring movers, packing and unpacking, I have to worry about things like what I’m going to sit on and what I’m going to eat off of?

Fortunately, furnishing an apartment is relatively painless if you can find a brand you like and make them your one-stop shop. I am someone who tends to get overwhelmed when it comes to decorating decisions — I spent more than a month looking at hundreds of shower curtains online, scouring the internet for the perfect one — so Settlein saved me from spiraling over where to find the furniture I needed for my new place. It was nice to be able to find one brand that matched my aesthetic and know that I could find whatever pieces I needed. Settlein offers everything you could possibly need to furnish a home — bedroom furniture, sofas, tables of all varieties, chairs, storage, even outdoor furniture for patios, backyards or balconies.

Personally, I was mostly in need of multifunctional pieces that would provide extra storage. (The other thing about moving is that you will be shocked and horrified to discover just how much random crap you’ve accumulated since the last time you moved. Those four extra TV remotes need to go somewhere, right?) These three Settlein pieces wound up being exactly what I was looking for.

I knew that from a practical standpoint, I needed a TV stand with lots of storage, and I also wanted one that would match the mid-century modern style of the rest of my living room furniture. Fortunately, this beauty ticks off both of those boxes. It’s got two wooden drawers as well as two cabinets that are sectioned off into four spaces with shelves, and the cabinets are covered by two elegant-looking sliding doors — one made from medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and the other an eye-catching metal grid. The best part? No assembly required. It all arrived in one piece, and once I got it out of the box, I could immediately shift focus to filling it with stuff and making it the focal point of the room.

I knew I needed a coffee table (or, as Settlein calls it, a cocktail table), but I didn’t really know what I had in mind until I stumbled across these two sleek nesting tables on the Settlein website and instantly fell in love. This walnut-and-white combo doesn’t just look great (though, as the name suggests, it is in fact very modern and stylish); it also offers some additional storage space. The taller tabletop can be lifted up to reveal a hidden compartment, perfect for storing glassware or whatever else you might keep in a bar cart, and the shorter table has two drawers that pull out on either side. And of course, you’ve got options for how you want to display them as well: if you’re tight on floor space or just want to give yourself a little extra leg room, you can tuck the smaller table underneath the taller one for a more compact design.

Sharing a bathroom with two other roommates meant that for years, I did my makeup huddled over a tiny mirror in my bedroom. (Sometimes, if I needed more light or a different angle, I’d open up Zoom on my laptop and stare at my reflection in the empty meeting. These were dark times.) Once I moved into a place of my own, I knew it was time to level up to a makeup vanity. This one is everything I hoped for. It’s got a beautiful, sintered stone countertop and five lined drawers with plenty of room for all my makeup, jewelry and miscellaneous skincare products, plus a large, rotating mirror with a built-in LED light so you can really see what you’re doing and a wireless charging station so you can keep your phone charged up while you’re getting ready. I feel like a glamorous, old-timey movie star — okay, yes, an old-timey movie star who somehow has access to LED lights and wireless charging — whenever I sit down at this vanity. If you want to wow your wife or girlfriend (or anyone else in your life who wears makeup and could use a nice spot to sit and apply it) this holiday season, gift them this.

Of course, Settlein’s offerings extend far beyond these three items, and in addition to the actual furniture itself, they also offer complimentary customized design plans if you’re looking for help tying a whole room together and 48-hour delivery that’ll ensure you can execute your vision for your new space and stop eating off of cardboard boxes as soon as possible. And they’re currently offering a Black Friday sale where customers will receive a $150 voucher to be used on their next order for every $500 they spend (more details on that here), so get a move on.

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